About Us

MadfoatCom is the leading financial technologies provider in Jordan and one of the acclaimed regional innovators in the MENA region. It builds and manages a variety of digital solutions that support businesses and their clients, contributing to the economy and supporting the adaption of digital payment services in the society. Established in 2011, the company has experienced exponential growth; starting with acquiring the tender to develop and operate its state-of-the-art platform; eFAWATEERcom. And expanding its product portfolio to cover various financial technology solutions in the kingdom and various markets.


Nasser Saleh

Founder & Executive Chairman

Ala’ AlSallal


Luai Sawalha

Chief Financial Officer

Tareq Saleh

Chief Technology Officer

Ali Awartany

Chief Compliance and Risk Management Officer

Ahmad Makki

HR Director

Mohammad Yaseen

Revenue Director

Majdi Alaqeel

Public Relations Manager

Mahmoud Ghunaim

Regional Expansion Manager

Ahmad Naddaf

Customer Care Manager